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Rules and Regulations

To obtain an application form for membership in the IFSB along with rules, regulation, judging criteria, and contest dates click the following links. Please note that this is the same information that we would normally send you in the mail:

Contest Dates

IFSB Application Form

If you need to have an application form and other related paperwork physically sent to you, they can be obtained by one of the following:

1) Call (541) 830-0400; or

2) Write to P.O. Box 2490, White City, OR 97503 (please include your full name, address, and daytime telephone number); or

3) E-mail compete(at)msfitness.com (please include your full name, address, and daytime telephone number).

The IFSB membership fee is $50.00 per competitive season and includes a one-year subscription to Ms. Fitness Magazine.

For years, women were embodied by mere beauty pageants. Muscles were exclusively for men and fitness was only for athletes. Over time things did change, but slowly. Women continued to model themselves after the anorexic looking women portrayed in fashion magazines. A few tried to develop muscles improperly and wound up losing their femininity, and fitness turned into a fad called aerobics.

Well move over Miss America, times have changed! Welcome to the future... Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World!

Since 1985, thousands of women from all across the United States have competed throughout the year in state and regional competitions for their shot at the Ms. Fitness USA title. This is not just another pageant, it's a sport operated under the supervision of the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB). In 1992, the IFSB went through a major, global expansion and Ms. Fitness World came to fruition, with the first international fitness competition ever held anywhere in the world taking place in March 1994.

It is important to note that Ms/Miss Fitness inspires and motivates viewers unlike any other fitness movement for several reasons. The women who participate in Ms/Miss Fitness are "everywoman." The average age is 29. The majority are married and raising children. They come from every walk of life, and work in every occupation imaginable. They are dedicated and committed women who have embraced a fit and healthy lifestyle, and are able to articulate their choice in a very relatable manner, and visually demonstrate the results.

All competitors are judged in three distinct rounds of competition:

Aprille DeShield

  Round 1:

(evening gown)

Each competitor is evaluated on her overall grooming, cosmetic appeal and public address skills. Ms. Fitness must demonstrate confidence and be comfortable with an audience. She must be able to speak clearly and concisely. Miss Fitness must be capable of being a spokesperson for the fitness industry. Ms. Fitness is much more than just a pretty face, she must convince the judges that she has an important message to convey about living a healthy lifestyle, in addition to showing poise and grace under stress.

Sarah Harding

Nikki Crawford

 Round 2:


Miss Fitness should have good to excellent muscle tone with clean, tight lines. She should appear to have reasonable levels of body fat. Her physique should look as if it was constructed through proper diet and fitness training. Her physique should appear evenly developed, displaying her attention to a totally fit body. Her great legs with lean thighs should "match" her beautifully sculpted arms and slender waist to create a very feminine appearance. Ms. Fitness is no waif or muscle bound beast, but has pushed herself to the glorious fulfillment of the female body.

 Round 3:

(fitness wear)

Miss Fitness must demonstrate strength, flexibility, and endurance in an original fitness routine. She may incorporate any skill or talent she may possess. She should demonstrate a high level of execution of movements, including full extension. Her routine should "appear" effortless. She should include a diversity of routine elements with a high degree of complexity and difficulty.

Anastasiya Kozlovskaya

Contest Dates

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