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Wally Boyko's business experience includes 12 years in the marketing departments of Sears and Montgomery Wards prior to starting his own company in 1979. As his first endeavor, Wally created and produced the first Health, Beauty & Physical Fitness Expo in the United States. This venture in 1980 featured Don Baylor, Cathy Rigby, Dwight Stones, as well as other prominent sports figures of that time, plus an exhibition with over 350 booths. Wally made an amazing discovery at this convention. With all of the known sports personalities speaking and giving demonstrations, the attraction that drew the most spectators was bodybuilding. Wally did his homework and eight months later he produced the first Body Building Expo, an NPC sanctioned National Qualifier, which offered bodybuilding competitions for both men and women, as well as exhibits featuring equipment, supplements, clothing, etc. The Superbowl of Bodybuilding, also an NPC sanctioned National Qualifier, was added a year later. His special guests have included Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.


Wally's first magazine, National Fitness Trade Journal, was developed when he began a search to find industry publications representing the exercise equipment manufacturers. There were management, racquet sports, and sporting good publications, but no trade publications for the fitness industry. The National Fitness Trade Journal made its debut in the Spring of 1982. The National Fitness Trade Journal is geared to the owners and administrators of fitness centers and health clubs. The editorial focus is to keep them informed of equipment and new products on the market. The Journal is now in its 36th year of publication.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the Journal, Wally added the National Fitness Trade Show .



Back at the bodybuilding scene, female bodybuilders had discovered "the juice." The muscle mass needed to win contests was increasing rapidly. In 1984 the only options for a female physique competitor were bodybuilding, wet t-shirt, beauty and bikini contests, and a fledgling new sport called aerobics. Seeing the need for an alternative for the well rounded, drug free woman, Wally created the Miss Fitness contests by the introduction of his Ms National Fitness contest. The Ms National Fitness contest was the proving ground for this (then) new concept and helped evolve the format and judging criteria used to evaluate today's woman. The first competitions were held under the auspices of the Fitness Trade Association, an organization for health clubs, fitness centers and equipment manufacturers.


Our first winner Gea Johnson

Debbie Kruck & Jodi Hale


By 1989 the Miss Fitness competitions had grown to the point that they warranted an organization all of their own, and the National Fitness Sanctioning Body was founded. Wally then expanded this endeavor to include the Ms Fitness USA with a network of national qualifying competitions. The International Fitness Sanctioning Body was set-up in 1991, but allowed to lay fallow while the National Fitness Sanctioning Body expanded in the states and adjusted to its rapidly growing size.


The 1990 Ms. Fitness USA was the first competition to be taped as an internationally syndicated television special and is enjoying an ever increasing viewership base worldwide. The original executive producer was Peter Douglas (son of Kirk Douglas), then carried forward by Emmy Award winner Jay Redack (of "Hollywood Squares" fame). The television rights are now totally controlled by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc.

Marla Duncan


The first Ms. Fitness Lifestyle Center opened in the summer of 1992. Fitness is a healthy body, a healthy state of mind, a look, a feel, an attitude...Fitness today is a lifestyle. The Ms. Fitness LifeStyle Center takes the health and fitness needs of active women and offers them all under one roof...weight training, aerobics, nutrition programs, massage, facials...Miss Fitness is more than a health club; it's a lifestyle.

In late 1992, Wally was contacted to obtain the rights to bring Miss Fitness to Europe. When the European agreement was finalized, the International Fitness Sanctioning Body began to actively recruit other countries with the ultimate goal of bringing the Ms. Fitness World® to fruition. The first annual Ms. Fitness World was held in Columbus, Ohio, USA on March 4, 1994 as part of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend.

Carol Semple & Arnold



The last link to bridging both the trade and consumer side of the fitness industry was a consumer publication. In the Spring of 1993 the first issue of Ms. Fitness Magazine hit the newsstands. Ms, Fitness was created with the dedicated, fit woman in mind. Ms. Fitness covers all areas of interest including exercise, home equipment, nutrition, fashion, and competitions. Ms. Fitness, a well-read "reference manual" for women, is now in its 24th year of publication.


Ms. Fitness World was taped for the first time as an internationally syndicated television special. In the United States, Ms. Fitness World, along with Ms. Fitness USA, and has run on Fox Sports, Comcast & MSG. Internationally, both run on Fox Sports International affiliates and EUROSPORT.


Ms. Fitness Activewear was introduced. Ms. Fitness apparel is hot. This exciting line, made of 35% polyester, 55% cotton & 10% Lycra, features quality craftsmanship, practicality, and fun! Our current line features red, white & blue. The line consists of tops, shorts, leotard, unitard, thong, tees, tote bag, and our unique Babesball's not just a hat; it's a hairstyle!


Ms. Fitness Optimal Nutritional Support is introduced. The signature product Ms. Fitness Multi Complete contains a complete range of nutrients in dosages large enough to support optimal health and vigor allowing us to cope with today's hectic lifestyles, rather than to just prevent deficiency diseases.


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